A General timeline of events.


  • Humanity perfects techniques to surpass the speed of light.


  • Aldebaran-4 the first earth-like planet found is discovered by the unmanned space probe Galileo Galilei.


  • Arrival of the first manned vessel on Aldebaran-4. This mission confirmed that the planet possessed an atmosphere nearly identical to Earth's, a pleasant climate and flora and fauna that were less hostile than those on Earth.


  • September - The United Nations General Assembly decided to start the process of colonizing Aldebaran. Construction of a spaceship began, along with candidate selection.


  • Junte - The Johannes Kepler an intersteller spaceship begins its journey to Aldebaran with 1500 settlers on board.


  • February 11th - The Johannes Kepler arrives on Aldebaran. The "landing" took place at a location called Base 1, which in time would become the colony's capital, known by the name of Anatolia, in homage to Anatole Lemterik, the first president of the settlers.
  • March - The spaceship Johannes Kepler disappeared without a trace on its way back to earth, with 14 crew members on board.


  • April - The spaceship Tycho Brahe, with 2500 settlers and 25 crew members on board disappeared on its way to Aldebaran. The reported cause was a fault in the Benevides Transfer, a very complex physical phenomenon that allows the speed of light to be broken. All trans-light flights were suspended until the theorists could find a solution to the problem. On Aldebaran, the communications satellite that ensured contact with earth broke down and stopped broadcasting for good. The colony found itself completely isolated with no support.


  • Scientists on earth are still incapable of understanding why certain translight flights went wrong and disappeared into space.


  • Largest earthquake in Aldebarans recorded history occurs in northland, reached 4 on the Richter scale and caused no damage.


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