The Mantris are a species of vastly intelligent beings native to a distant unknown world.



The mantris are a largely amorphous species, there basic form seems to be liquid and they seem to prefer aquatic environments. They undergo periodic metamorphosis and the unique forms they take seems dependent on the environment they have chosen.

During their times of metamorphosis their intelligence can vary greatly, in some forms they are little more than animals, and other times able to be the fully intelligent beings that they are.

They are extraordinarily long lived, individuals can live tens of thousands of years. In order to communicate with other species they have to select individuals and increase their life-span, to enable the process of making contact.


The mantris are known to inhabit 3 worlds, their homeworld, and Aldebaran and Betelgeuse. They do not seem to occupy foreign planets in vast numbers, there is only one on Aldebaran and two on Betelgeuse.


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