The Jungle Dwellers are a species of short stocky humanoids found on GJ1347-4. They seem to be somewhat hostile.


Virtually nothing is known about them or their history. They were first seen by The Survivors while they were searching for a river, two of them were seen floating down the river in a boat.

The second encounter with the Jungle Dwellers proved their hostility. Two of the survivors Pamela and Ilse were abducted by them, thankfully when the Jungle Dwellers got drunk off a strange white fruit the others were able to rescue them.



The Jungle Dwellers technology seems to be extremely primitive. They use bows and spears as weapons, they are capable of making fire, and they build boats for traveling on rivers. Nothing else is known about their technology, how advanced it is, or if there are groups of Jungle Dwellers who are more advanced.


Not much is known about their biology, they seem somewhat bug-like but this can be superficial. One distinct fact is their ability to become intoxicated by consuming a type of strange white fruit.


The language of the jungle dwellers seems to consist mainly of buzzing sounds, there are few discernible words but there definitely seems to be some sort of structure to how they speak.

Jungle Dweller 1: Trrr-chrr crrrt-tsst reescrr

Jungle Dweller 2: Tssrrr-tk ikirrsst cr-chiss

Jungle Dweller 1(presumed): Trit-tis tt-rrch cr-crss

There is no hints that can be used to discern the meaning of this exchange.


  • No name for this species has been given, this placeholder name was chosen because they dwell in the jungle. There is only one known exchange in this language, between two individuals on a boat.