General Information
Diameter Uknown GJ1347-4
Image taken by lunar telescope Copernicus 7.
Surface Gravity Uknown
Year Length Uknown
Day Length Uknown
Sea/Land Ratio Uknown

Maximum Height

Maximum Depth



Natural Satellites 1(?)

GJ1347-4 is a planet orbiting the star of the same name, near a region of space known for its quantum anomalies that interfere with the Benevedes Transfer.


According to the computer on the survivors shuttle the atmosphere is breathable, oxygen-based (a fact confirmed when they exited the ship). The pressure is acceptable, and the temperature 30 degrees (celsius) with high humidity.

Intelligent SpeciesEdit

Curiously there seems to be a number of intelligent species on the planet, although it is not confirmed it seems possible that these populations may be descended from groups in a similar situation to the survivors.

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